Thursday, 21 Mar 2019

Powerful and Amazing Characters of The Dragon Ball Series

Powerful and Amazing Characters of The Dragon Ball Series

Power fantasy anime has always been popular among the kids as well the adults and dragon ball has attracted a large number of the audience towards it as the characters as they are mostly charming, energetic, beautiful & of high moral value. Dragon Ball is based on Akira Toriyama and highly influential manga Dragon Ball, but the sole reason for its popularity is the Goku, its protagonist.

Characters & their popularity

Many amazing characters in DBZ have unique qualities, and they are highly popular. To boost the popularity of Dragon Ball, there are 12+ games and about 15 theatrical movies which have increased its fan following at rapid speed. A brand-new series has been broadcasted by the Toei Animations to expand the Dragon Ball Super and DB Mythos. Also, you can play games like DragonBall Legends to see how powerful these anime characters are. Check out this website to play this game.

Because of the high popularity of the 2013 movie DBZ: Battle of Gods, Japanese Government has funded for the movie and the Japan Anniversary Association has declared 9th of May as a “Goku Day.” It has mystery, action, humor, drama, and suspense. What else you want to see? A species which belong to a different planet still look like humans with a tail. With their strength and power, they can break mountains and even turn to a giant ape.

Innovation in the development of the characters

Doesn’t this sound cool? Many characters possess different power, and they all have different motives. The show adds a great entertainment for the viewers as some characters are humane and some are evil. Vegeta the villain whose sole aim is to kill Goku- the hero of the show is also the best part for millions of viewers.

The character development in Dragon Ball Z is very innovative. Every species has a unique capability, and they use techniques which we usually see in sci-fi movies like fusion, Genetic transmission, etc. The summoning of the dragon is the part that cannot be missed, and it is also present in the show.

You cannot take your eyes away during the character Supremacy including Goku’s transformation to Super Saiyan for the very first time. How Vegeta works harder to become SSJ2 and how Goku makes it to SSJ3 is breath-taking. The effects like a huge flame on their body and current sound give Goosebumps to the viewers.

The scriptwriters, as well as the character development team, have looked into each and every aspect of the characters starting from their behavior, attitude, response & up of that their interaction & coordination is beyond the limits of explanation.

DBZ is considered to the oldest and the most successful anime of all the time in the history. The reason being the epic fight scenes, character transformation, Evolution of Vegeta, Suspense in every episode, unique and different techniques of fighting used in the show, and Goku characterization.

Powerful and Amazing Characters of The Dragon Ball Series

There are a lot of shows, games, and movies introduced after the epic DBZ but the glimpse of this show will always remain in the heart of every person as it has fun-filled our childhood with enthusiasm and eagerness. Dragon Ball Z will always stay as an epic show in our life.